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Sometimes we can be too embarrassed to ask certain beauty related questions. This section has been added to relieve a little of that embarrassment. If your question is not here then why not email us and we will respond as soon as possible.

How long do I need to leave my tan on to develop?
Our tan does have a colour guide in it so whether you are having a spray tan or lotion applied you will leave the salon with 'instant' colour. For the true colour to develop we advise the tan is left on the skin for 7 hours or you can sleep with the colour on and wash off in the morning.

How do I keep my tan looking salon fresh?
When you have thoroughly washed off the colour guide after 7 hours, pat yourself dry and use a good quality moisturiser to hydrate the whole body. Keep swimming in a pool to a minimum as the chlorine can lighten the tan. We recommend that you gently exfoliate the body every few days to ensure you skin cells shed at a more even rate to prevent your tan from going patchy.

What do I wear to have my tan applied?
We will provide you with paper pants for during your treatment.

What should I wear after my tanning treatment?
Please wear loose, dark clothing with either flip flops or sandal's.

Do you have a choice of colours for my tan?
Yes we do. Generally you will tan to a similar colour that you would do on your summer holiday(lotion or spray tan), which is the colour most people are looking for. However if you like more depth to your tan we can cetainly give you a deeper colour as we have an intense colour spray if you wish.

I would like to have waxing done, how long do the hairs have to be?
Ideally hairs on any body area looking to be waxed should be a quarter of an inch long. Don't worry if they are too long we can always trim the hairs down but if they are too short unfortunately you will not be waxed.

Whats the difference between Brazilian & Hollywood waxing?
Lets start with a standard bikini wax, this will remove hairs that would normally protrude out at the side of a pair of high leg briefs.
An advanced bikini wax takes of slightly more leaving you with a thin strip of hair from the pubis to the anus.
A Brazilian wax leaves a thin strip of hair only on the pubis and removes all the hairs from the labia and anus.
A Hollywood wax removes all pubic hair.
Everyone likes a different look so the choice is yours.

Someone told me I cant go to the gym after waxing, is this true?
Yes, its true. After waxing for a minimum of 24 hours you should avoid any heat treatment (Sunbed's, steam, sauna), avoid sweating (e.g. from going to the gym), do not put perfumed products over the area and keep touching to waxed area to the very minimum.

Can I have waxing and a tan done in the same day?
I'm sorry but you can't. You would need to have your waxing done a minimum of 24 hours prior to your tan otherwise the tan would seep into the follicles leaving you with brown dots or if you have your tan done first we would be waxing off your tan.

Will a facial make my skin break out?
Generally no. If you increase your water intake after your facial treatment the toxins don't normally come 'out' through the skin.

How long will my new LASH beLONG extensions last?
Cared for well they will last you approximately 8 weeks. They will gradually fall out as your own lashes are shed. Every 2 weeks or so you will require an infill to keep your new lashes looking full.

If you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact us

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